SAE Foundation Industry Leadership Award

The Industry Leadership Award recognizes individuals who have made meaningful contributions to the mobility industry. Nominees must have achieved the following:

  • a significant level of success in their STEM careers
  • demonstrated innovation and risk taking
  • established a new direction or developed a position which challenged their industry
  • made contributions outside of their industry, exemplified through community education, philanthropic or government activities

Past Award Recipients

2017 Jack Roush - Founder, CEO, and Co-Founder of Roush Fenway Racing, and Chairman of the Board of Roush Enterprises
2016 Mark Fields - Ford Motor Company 2015 Sergio Marchionne - Fiat Chrysler Automobiles
2014 Osamu (Simon) Nagata - Toyota
2013 Mary T. Barra - General Motors
2012 Edsel B. Ford II - Ford
2011 John Krafcik - Hyundai
2011 Peter Marks - Bosch
2010 Rodney O’Neal - Delphi
2009 Jim Press - Chrysler
2008 Alan Mulally - Ford
2007 Carlos Ghosn - Nissan
2006 Robert A. Lutz - General Motors
2005 Dr. Shoichiro Toyoda - Toyota
2004 J.T. Battenberg – III - Delphi
2003 Gary L. Cowger - General Motors
2002 Heinz C. Prechter - ASC Incorporated
2001 Shamel T. Rushwin - Ford
2000 Donald E. Hackworth - General Motors
1999 James J. Padilla - Ford
1998 Dennis K. Pawley - Chrysler
1997 G. Richard Wagoner, Jr. - General Motors

Young Industry Leadership Award

Ableson Award for Visionary Leadership

Gordon Millar Award


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