Pi Day 3.14.2018

Pi Day was especially sweet in 2018 thanks to a generous matching gift from Dan Nicholson, Vice President of Global Propulsion Systems at General Motors and Chair of the SAE Foundation Trustees. With Dan's help, 2018 was the largest Pi Day to date raising $16, 090! 

Pi Day – 3/14 – is celebrated to shed light on the importance of science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) education and to encourage support of SAE’s STEM programs. 

“I envision a future with more engineers maximizing their innovative potential. I want every child to have the chance that I had to grow up and become and engineer,” said Nicholson. “Inspiring Curiosity in STEM is what it’s all about. I support SAE International’s STEM programs because they are in the classroom inspiring the natural curiosity of kids and this is proven to be effective. STEM education is important because it creates technical leaders for the future which improves life for mankind.”

SAE’s STEM programs have reached over five million students and have brought more than 30,000 industry professionals into classrooms. SAE is the only U.S.-based organization with a full continuum of STEM education programs from preschool through college, including the award-winning A World In Motion® and the Collegiate Design Series™. In addition, the SAE Foundation supports more than 60 awards and recognitions, and a dozen undergraduate and graduate scholarships.

Enjoy Some Pi Day Fun!

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